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Site Requirements

Please make sure you have the latest version of your preferred browser installed (we like Firefox, Chrome and Safari) and that you have not disabled or blocked JavaScript, Cookies, or Flash in your browser. is an interactive web application that takes advantage of a variety of standard and advanced plug-ins & browser features, such as:


Enables some of the interactive features, such as playing song files on the page.
Please make sure you do not have JavaScript turned off when using the site. Here are instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your web browser.


Help us remember you when you come back.


We use a small & invisible flash animation to play audio on our song detail page. Adobe Flash player is available as a free download


New advanced web standards in newer browsers, we use it to upload song files and to make some of our forms work better.


Popular standard for compressed audio files that can be played back on your computer with free media player software, such as Apple's iTunes.

Zip files

PWe use compressed zip files to make downloading multiple songs easier, so you will need software to unzip Zip files, such as WinZip (if you're using Windows.)
If you're not sure whether your browser meets these requirements, is a very cool site to check if you have JavaScript enabled and that you have Flash installed.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Who uses this site? is used by a variety of professionals from the entertainment and advertising industries, such as song writers, music editors, music supervisors, record label executives, film and/or television producers and advertising executives.

How do you get an invitation code?

Please contact us for an invitation code.